Goodbye Henrik!

It is with many yeti tears that we bid a fond farewell to one of our deepest friends, Henrik Joreteg.

Henrik has made the difficult choice to leave our team to pursue the many exciting and challenging experiences awaiting him. Although we look forward to working together with Henrik in the future, we will definitely miss hearing his puntastic dadcore jokes in the hallway and hearing the pitter patter of those weird toe shoes he wears.

All joking aside, while we are saddened to lose such an amazing teammate, we are 1000% behind Henrik pursuing his dreams. Henrik heavily contributed to making us one of the best Node consultancies around, and helped us push our capabilities within the bleeding edge of realtime technologies. He will be greatly missed in the many adventures ahead of our team.

To Henrik, Heinrich, and even, Roosterick — we wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and we are deeply grateful for the impact you’ve had on our work, our team, our ideas, and each of us individually. We wish you nothing but the very best in your next chapter. <&

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