The yeti &you

Hey folks! It's the holiday season, the goose is getting fat, the decorations are filling the air with glimmery goodness, and the yeti is plodding through the snow with gifts for all its web-loving friends.

But oh no! What if it doesn't know where to go?!

The yeti could shower its gifts onto the twitters, sure, but then how would it know you received it? It could leave it on this here blog, but what if–gasp–you FORGET? You might accidentally leave the yeti's gift out in the cold, cold snow where it could develop abandonment issues.

Hang on hang on. I have an idea. What about &you?

For those of you who don't know about it yet, &you is a place where we discuss the things we love, the things we're interested in, and (most importantly) the things we're curious about. And because of that, we get to have conversations with people like you, too.

Because we love you folks out there in internet-land.

(And so does the yeti.)

In fact (and shhhh! this part is a secret) we like you so much that we have a surprise in store for all of our &you friends. So sign up below and keep an eye on your inbox this week for something special. Something mysterious. Something for all of us.

(And you!)

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