The point of building software, together

Despite how we mostly share what we've learned about making great software, software really isn't the point of what we do at &yet. Writing code and designing interfaces and helping build software products and teaching what we know is all just an excuse to spend time on what we really care about – which is people.

Getting to be with our favorite people while we figure out challenging, interesting problems together is the whole point. If we were good at building ocean liners, that's what we'd be doing. It just happens that we're good at building software.

Last month, we started sending out a bi-weekly dispatch that we're calling &you. Close to 4,000 of you are signed up, and we're really grateful for the conversations we've been having with many of you.

So far, we've shared stories about what's on our minds these days, asked questions about what you're doing, spotlighted people in the &you community and their projects, and shared some of our favorite reads and resources.

Coming up, we're creating a twitter list so we can all find each other in one place, plus we're making a special (still free) version of Talky just for the &you community to use before the new public version comes out, and we're thinking of more crazy impossible things we can do together.

We're not really sure where we'll end up. But we do know one thing: if we're doing it together, that's pretty much all we need.

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