Welcome, Melani

Monday will be Melani Brown's first day as a full-time &yet team member--we can't wait!

Melani is a talented filmmaker and photographer who will be doing awesome stuff of that sort with us.

She has worked on Kill Bill, Desperate Housewives, Nike commercials, and the online Old Spice social media ad campaign. She has photographed Bon Iver, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside, and numerous indie bands.

As a longtime friend of the equally talented Amy Lynn Taylor, we were privileged to have Mel provide our team's photography a couple years ago. We've enjoyed several one-off collaborations with her since, including inviting her to participate in our team's month-long stay in an Italian castle this Spring.

It's been clear for some time that she's an unofficial member of our team, more than anything because she comfortably fits our approach and values: she's talented, creative, passionate, and has an attitude of encouraging those around her to grow and succeed.

In her many years of travels across the globe, she could best be described as an itinerant blesser. We feel blessed to officially make her a part of our team.

In addition to the great short film she made about our Italy adventure, here's a couple more examples of Mel's great work:

coding & designing from around the world from Melani Brown on Vimeo.

Pocket Portrait: 02 Ritchie Young from Melani Brown on Vimeo.

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