Yetis take on the Node Summit

Next week, yetis Adam Baldwin and Luke Karrys will be traveling to San Francisco to speak at the second Node Summit, December 3-4. Node Summit brings together developers, leaders, and other technologists to discuss Node.js and its role in the future of the web and computing.

Adam will be there representing both ^Lift Security, and The Node Security Project, an ambitious open-source project he founded with the goal of auditing every single module in npm. Adam will be discussing Node.js security with Bert Belder of StrongLoop, Charlie Robbins of Nodejitsu, and Daniel Shaw of The Node Firm.

Luke will be speaking during NodeTalks on client solutions with Glenn Scott, of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and they'll discuss the challenges they faced on a recent project involving two different development teams coming together for the creation and deployment of a production node app and API to Microsoft Azure.

The Node Security Project is also a sponsor of Node Summit, so if you're interested in attending, use the discount code SPEAKERFNF to get a 25% discount to the event, and while you're there swing by NSP's booth and grab a sticker. Tickets are available at

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