What the heck, why not? A sneak peek

There have been some questions about what to expect at &yetConf next month. Here's a sneak peek at local artist Husaya Hama, from the Urban Poets Society, spoken word piece “Lazer Beams” in response to the themes we’ll be presenting at this year‘s event.

&yetConf Oct 6-8 from &yet on Vimeo.

We’ve also added lots of updates to the conference site (andyetconf.com), among them some very important ones like – the early bird ticket application process has come to a close! Regular tickets are now on sale for $1399, but they’re limited so don’t wait too long.

There’s a discounted ticket for our local folks who won’t be needing hotel or breakfast.

Couples attending the conference together this year will have the option of joint attendance, in lieu of a significant others track – essentially for $1699 couples will receive 2 regular tickets + room and board.

Families traveling together will also have the option of participating in a family track with activities or utilizing onsite childcare.

We would still love to have more sponsored diversity scholarships, so please reach out if you can contribute toward helping someone from a marginalized group attend.

Surprisingly, Richland is not an epicenter of metropolitan hustle and bustle, so some folks have questions about how to get here. We’ve added travel details to help you plan your route.

For more answers to questions or to reach out about the conference, please contact us at conf@andyet.com.

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