Announcing &yetConf diversity tickets and sponsorships

As a part of continuous efforts to make our events as inclusive as possible we are very happy to announce diversity tickets.

How will diversity tickets work?

The tickets will work in the form of full conference experience scholarships (travel excluded) and we will be opening the application process in the coming weeks.

They are targeted towards members of underrepresented groups, which includes, but is not limited to: women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships, who couldn’t participate otherwise.

We’re offering the following options to fuel the diversity fund:

  • $350 (25% of a ticket)
  • $700 (50% of a ticket)
  • $1399 (100% of a ticket)

Buy a diversity supporter ticket here

Sales are processed, as regular tickets, through If you have problems with using that platform we can arrange for different methods of payment whenever necessary.

I’m a company, can I help too?

Yes! While diversity tickets are mostly targeted toward individuals who are willing and able to provide financial help for underrepresented groups we are aware that organizations of all sorts might have greater capabilities to do so.

&yetConf is a not-for-profit event but we put the diversity sponsorships in the front and center of our funding efforts. If your organization shares our beliefs in promoting equality please reach out at for sponsorship options. These opportunities rely on donating x amount of tickets to the giveaway pool and highlight the patron’s commitment towards diversity.

Again, don’t hesitate to tweet at or email us with any questions.

We greatly appreciate everyone's support.

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