Press button, ship rocket

For those that don’t know, Ship Week (Ship It Monday, Brio and Úll) are happening right now in Dublin.

For Ship It! Monday we announced that And Bang 2.0 is now Beta, which you can now sign up to join the queue.

And Bang is our team same-page-ification app that helps you and your team celebrate progress together throughout the day and ship like the wind.

To join in the celebrations from home, we decided that it would be appropriate to launch a little something of our own. That something being a rocket, because what the heck, why not?

In preparation for the launch we built a rocket that was almost 3' tall. Then we painted it hot pink, and it was awesome.

an actual rocket wow

One of the great aspects of And Bang is that it’s built on a powerful API accompanied by a library, andbang.js, that takes care of all the dirty bits and just lets you write code to interface with And Bang. We used this to launch the rocket.

We installed node.js on a Raspberry Pi and set it up to listen for "shipTask" events. When that event was received it was verified that I did it and it was the right task for the launch. When one of the GPIO pins was set it would trip a relay that would supply voltage to the igniter and schoooo

raspberry pi setup

Quick recap...

ShipTask > iPhone > 3g > And Bang > 3g > mifi > wifi > pi > relay > igniter > schoooo!

And Bang is now Beta. Please go check out and enjoy And Bang 2.0, we think your team will enjoy using it as much as we've enjoyed building it.

Watch the recorded event here:

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