The official title of this post is “Lift off” (in honor of how good NLF’s puns are), but just to be clear, it’s about the fact that npm acquired ^lift and nsp

It’s with fifteen gallons of mixed emotions that we announce that our friends at npm, inc. have acquired ^lift security and the Node Security Platform.

All the feelings:

Sadness to see some wonderful people move on from &yet. Joy for them to experience the ability to focus full-time on their passion for empathetically raising the bar for security, with the resources and audiences of one of the most influential companies in the JS ecosystem. Eager curiosity to see what the impact will be, knowing our former teammates’ immense vision and capabilities. Pride for what our team has built together in ^lift and nsp. Nostalgia, thinking of all the great memories. Gratitude for the experience of working with friends we care about and respect.

We wish Adam Baldwin, Nathan LaFreniere, Jon Lamendola, and npm success.


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