It's our Birthday!

it's our birthday

February 28th marks the completion of 8 years of &yet being in business. Being a Leap Year, we realized we missed a great opportunity to make our company’s inception date February 29th.

At this point in our company's history, we're very excited to say this is our 8th birthday! We're the 8 year old that is excited about being a year older! And wiser! And better at things! Because that's what comes with age, right?

Almost universally, that's exactly what comes with age. Of course, those things don't come to us by simply watching time pass, it's what happens during that time that we earn additional wisdom, skill, and experience. A number of things have happened in the past year that I firmly believe will make us wiser and stronger as we proceed into the years to come.

We put on an amazing conference this fall that put a unique and extremely powerful spin on your typical tech conference. Folks who attended have eagerly referred to it as life-altering and intensely motivating. We're so fortunate to have the friends who, old and new, share our vision for the world and pitched in to pull it off.

For the first time in our company's history, the CEO is not named Adam Brault. Adam decided it was time for him to take a different role in the company, and promoted me to the CEO role. The team, Adam, and I have been adjusting to this transition, but we all feel this marks an exciting next phase of the company's maturation. And I'm certainly excited about this new role!

The year was not without challenges. We hit a slow period of business and were forced to let go of some team members, and especially in our close-knit group, that's an incredibly painful thing to go through. But with every challenge comes opportunity, and I think we gained some valuable experience and knowledge from that period.

Looking forward, we're excited about a number of things in the coming year: our Talky Core offering, the Node Security Platform, and new opportunities to build amazing things for awesome clients. We have a lot to be thankful for, but most of all, we're so lucky to get to meet and interact with and work with all of you. We believe software is about people, so to be able to keep doing what we do is extremely fulfilling for this 8 year old.

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