We’re keeping it “Realtime Conference”

Yeah, that’s correct. We’re changing the name of our conference on realtime technologies.

(Who does that? I dunno. Uhhh, I guess: “us”?) But—more importantly—why?

We got a few good chuckles from folks from the name "The Keeping it Realtime Conference" But, we've gotta be honest: it's a really long mouthful, and people who want to talk about it get confused with how to shorten it into an abbreviated mouthful—oh, and then!—people who read “krtconf” have no idea what the heck the conference is actually about.

Basically, it’s a fun name, but we’d rather have something that people just “get”.

So, hereafter, The Keeping it Realtime Conference will now be called “The Realtime Conference”—or “RealtimeConf” for short.

Oh, also?

This year's Realtime Conference is going to be the best thing that &yet has ever shipped. We have worked so hard on it.

We're so excited to pair it up with the first ever RedisConf the day before, and an awesome Redis Master Class, too.

Tickets are on sale now for RedisConf and Redis Training. They're currently sold out for RealtimeConf—but we'll be adding a few more before the event, so add your name to the waitlist and we'll keep you posted.

Follow @RealtimeConf and @RedisConf on Twitter for the latest updates. We have a ton more speaker announcements we'll be making shortly!

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