Adam Baldwin and Nathan LaFreniere are yetis.

Because we are huge fans of human namespace collisions and amazing people, we're adding two new members to our team: Adam Baldwin and Nathan LaFreniere, both in transition from nGenuity, the security company Adam Baldwin co-founded and built into a well-respected consultancy that has advised the likes of GitHub, AirBNB, and LastPass on security.

We have relied on Adam and Nathan's services through nGenuity to inform, improve, and check our development process, validating and invalidating our team's work and process, providing education and correction along the way. We are thrilled to be able to bring these resources to bear with greater influence, while providing Adam Baldwin with the authority to improve areas in need of such.

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin has served as &yet's most essential advisor since our first year, providing me with confidence in venturing more into development as an addition to my initial web design freelance business, playing "panoptic debugger" when I struggled with it, helping us establish good policy and process as we built our team, improving our system operations, and always, always, bludgeoning us about the head regarding security.

It really can't be expressed how much respect I and our team at &yet have for Adam and his work.

He's uncovered Basecamp vulnerabilities that encouraged 37Signals to change their policies for handling reported vulnerabilities, found huge holes in Sprint/Verizon MiFi (that made for one of the most hilarious stories I've been a part of), published vulnerabilities twice to root Rackspace, shared research to uberhackers at DEFCON, and has provided security advice for a number of first-class web apps, including ones you're using today and conceivably right now.

Adam Baldwin will be joining our team at &yet as CSO—it's a double title: Chief of Software Operations and Chief Security Officer.

Adam will be adding his security consultancy, alongside &yet's other consulting services, but will also be overseeing our team's software processes, something he has informed, shaped, and helped externally verify since, I think, before most of our team was born.

On a personal note (a longer version of which is here), I must say it's a real joy to be able to welcome one of my best friends into helping lead a business he helped build as much as anyone our team.

Nathan LaFreniere

As excited as I am personally to add Adam Baldwin, our dev team is even more thrilled about adding Nathan, whose services we have become well accustomed to relying on in our contract with nGenuity and in a large project where we've served a mutual customer.

Nathan is a multitalented dev/ops badass well-versed in automated deployment tools.

He solves operations problems with a combination of experience, innovation, and willingness to learn new tools and approaches.

He's already gained a significant depth of experience building custom production systems for Node.js, including some tools we've come to rely on heavily for &bang.

Nathan's passion for well-architected, smoothly running, and meticulously monitored servers has helped our developers sleep at night, very literally.

I know getting the luxury of having a huge amount of Nathan's time at our developers disposal sounds to them like diving into a pool of soft kittens who don't mind you diving on them and aren't hurt at all by it either oh and they're declawed and maybe wear dentures but took them out.

So that's what we have for you today.

We think you're gonna love it.

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