And here we go...

an ampersand

As a web design and development company, it's incredibly hard to build things for yourself.

This site has been in process since early August, 2009, when we as a team sat down and discussed our vision for where we wanted to go.

We put together a general outline and a plan for how we wanted to approach things. Then Amy rolled up her sleeves and took a crack at a conceptual design based on an idea from one of her Red Room posters.

The plan has changed numerous times since then, as has the content and design. We've discussed and debated, wrestled and wrangled, but we're ultimately grateful to have had the time to pick things apart and really think long and deep about what we wanted to present as a team.

In the end, we're excited that what we do is finally presented in a way that reflects the unique team that has come together at &yet. It feels that this site was another missing piece of the puzzle we've been assembling for the last two years.

Thank you very much to the following folks who helped us out on the project:

So here we go.

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