Introducing Vorlon.JS


Yesterday Microsoft announced Vorlon.JS, an open source tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. The team behind it wants to make debugging easier, quicker, and more consistent for developers across multiple platforms.

That’s a goal we very much support and we’re excited we could play a role in getting Vorlon.JS ready for this release.

We’ve built and contributed to a handful of open source projects ourselves, so Microsoft asked us to help them in open sourcing Vorlon.JS. As open source veterans, Henrik, Philip, and Bear helped improve the developer experience of using the software and setting it up for community contributions.

Our design and dev teams improved the UI and UX for the Vorlon.JS dashboard and Amy, Jaime, and Terry led the design of the project’s identity and documentation that can be found at

The Vorlon.JS team shares our enthusiasm for clarity and simplicity (with some fun mixed in, of course) and we’re thrilled to see where they and the developer community take it.

Check out the project on GitHub and the documentation at

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