Happy Birthday, Hapi

Today &yet’s favorite Node.js web framework, hapi, turns four years old. We’ve had some great experiences with hapi and are both excited and proud to continue to be a part of the community surrounding it.

Eran Hammer started working on what would eventually become hapi in November of 2010 while working for Yahoo on a project named Sled. Sled was shut down almost a year later in August of 2011 and opensourced as Postmile which has been one of the primary examples of building a complex application in hapi since day one.

Later that same month, Eran created the hapi module as a collection of components extracted from Postmile that were used to build on top of Express. The name hapi was chosen as an acronym for HTTP API, but once it was spoken out loud, the connection to Ren and Stimpy was made. Eran later presented hapi to Walmart, where the effort was referred to as Blammo. After years of continued development, hapi has grown into its own unique and powerful framework with an outstanding and helpful community.

&yet started using hapi over two years ago and quickly became enamored with it. After nearly a year of contributing bug fixes, writing plugins, and being a part of developing the new site, I was made a core contributor in March of 2014. Since then I’ve been super proud to continue helping out the community any way that I’m able.

If you’re not familiar with hapi, today would be a great day to check it out. Visit the website, read tutorials, or just make something with it and see how it goes! I’ll personally be available for a large portion of the day in both IRC (#hapi on freenode) and Gitter for any questions/comments/concerns or if you just want to say hi.

Also, remember if you’re interested in joining the community and helping out with your code skills we’re still looking for a few maintainers. I’d be happy to help anyone who is interested get started.

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