Welcome Seaworthy to the &yet family!

&yet has long been a rambling crew of professionals.

We love making products for clients, but we also love helping other teams solve particularly annoying problems or augmenting their talent with some of our focused expertise.

In spite of our penchant for bleeding edge technologies, we have an extremely veteran crew. Most of our engineers are more than halfway through their second decade in the software field, quite a few starting their third—and some longer than that.

When we set out to build a security consulting offering, we did so by creating a distinct division: ^lift security. ^lift has gone on to be a fixture of the Node community, leading the way in all things security.

Today we’ve decided to follow the same path concerning a specific set of our consulting offerings. Node, frontend (JS, native web apps, and modular CSS), and Ops consulting services will be delivered by Seaworthy.

Seaworthy logo

Seaworthy is all about helping you deliver ship-shape software.

Most important of all in this? We want to talk to you. We want to find out the challenges you’re experiencing and how we can help. So we’re launching an entirely new effort to kick this off: a series of online seminars and a new architectural audit service.

Introducing Navigator Office Hours and Lighthouse Audits.

A few times a month, one or two of our experts will be hosting office hours. These are limited space sessions sharing from our experience and answering your questions.

First up, Henrik Joreteg will be talking about Native Web Apps, focusing on building modern JavaScript applications with Ampersand and React. Space is limited, sign up now!

Lighthouse Audits

With our new audit service, we’ll dive deep into your code, have some long conversations about your goals, and help you chart a course to getting your software ship-shape. You’ll get our most seasoned veterans’ perspective on your work and be able to apply our team’s best thinking to your problems. These audits can be focused on software architecture, frontend JS, UX, or modular CSS.

So that’s Seaworthy.

We’re happy to add this to the &yet family of offerings. We get a lot of joy out of helping other teams with their challenges and we’re looking forward to writing a lot more boat-related puns.

No, but seriously: you have no idea how many awesome boat puns there are until you write marketing copy for a nautical themed brand. You could even say there’s a boatload.

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