Eran Hammer introduces Hapi 2.0

Last week, Eran Hammer came to the &yet office to introduce Hapi 2.0.

Hapi is a very powerful and highly modular web framework created by Eran and his team at Walmart Labs. It currently powers the mobile site, as well as some portions of the desktop site. With that kind of traffic, you could definitely say Hapi is battle-tested.

Hapi's quickly becoming a popular framework among Node developers. Since mid-2013, &yet has been using Hapi for all new projects and we've begun porting several old projects to use it, too.

Before he started his presentation, Eran casually mentioned that he planned to at least touch on every feature in Hapi, and boy did he succeed.

From creating your server and adding routes and their handlers, to writing and utilizing plugins, and even configuring some options to help your Ops team keep your application running smoothly, everything is covered. As he talks about features, Eran also points out each breaking change along the way to facilitate updating your applications from Hapi 1.

If you're currently using Hapi, are considering using it in the future, or are even a little bit curious about it, I highly recommend watching.

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