&yet “Class of 2014”: David Dias, Lynn Fisher, Philipp Hancke, Julie Ann Horvath, Peter Saint-Andre

Today we’re honored to welcome a few new amazing individuals to the &yet team.

Here at &yet, we strongly believe that each person who joins our team should fundamentally improve what it’s like to work here. We also count on our new teammates to help lead us toward being the type of company we want to see ourselves become. So you can bet that we take extra care and consideration when adding new folks to the team.

Here’s a tiny (but brilliant) glimpse of the direction we’re heading, represented by the newest additions to &yet team:

David Dias

Many of us came to know David (@daviddias) through his role as organizer of the incredible LXJS. We were lucky enough to have him provide some extra help pulling off the madness of RealtimeConf, too. We’ve been so deeply inspired by his enthusiasm and genuine positivity that we asked David to join the team. Considering his zeal for security and his knowledge of Node, David has taken on a central role in further developing and pushing forward the capabilities of ^Lift Security and the Node Security Project, starting with the training class happening this May in Portland.

Lynn Fisher

We’re grateful Luke introduced us to his friend and fellow Arizonan Lynn Fisher (@lynnandtonic) about a year ago. We were immediately blown away by her artwork’s sense of humor, the expressiveness of her design, and the versatility of her talent. Thankfully, several of us got to meet her in person, too, at last year’s CSSConf. We fell in love with her relaxed personality that seemed a perfect fit with her unique aesthetic and jaw-dropping talent as an illustrator. In the short time she’s been on the team she’s managed to astound us a few hundred times with her creativity. Plus, Lynn is just super cool.

Philipp Hancke

WebRTC developer Philipp (“Fippo”) Hancke has been a longtime associate/collaborator with members of our team in the thick of the XMPP world. He has pioneered making XMPP/Jingle <3 WebRTC, which has enormously contributed to Lance’s work on Stanza.io (a JavaScript API for an XML-free XMPP interface) and Jingle.js. You might know Fippo from his role as Hornsby Cornflower at last year’s RealtimeConf. (A name which he enjoyed enough to continue to tweet from as @hcornflower!) Fippo has already had a huge impact on our team’s WebRTC work, including SimpleWebRTC and Talky, and we can’t wait to see what he builds next.

Julie Ann Horvath

Like many of our new team members, we’ve been in talks with Julie about joining our team for a long time. (In her case, it’s been a year and a half!). Julie (@nrrrdcore) is a terrific designer, outstanding communicator, and a person of tremendous character who we’re proud to (finally!) be able to work with. We’ve been watching with awe what she’s accomplished with Passion Projects and several members of our team had a chance to attend the public speaking workshop she organized, which many who were present considered to be a revolutionary moment in empowering women as conference speakers in the tech community.

Peter Saint-Andre

We previously introduced Peter as our new CTO. He rounds out this list of a group of remarkable team members we’ve been able to add this year. We have been thrilled with the leadership he’s provided thus far in pushing forward our WebRTC efforts, and in thinking through how the additional structure we’re adding to our team can be in service of our ethos rather than in opposition to it.

Welcome David, Lynn, Philipp, Julie, and Peter!

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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