Introducing JS for Teams, a training experience that’s the first of its kind

Are you frustrated over how much of your JavaScript code is dependent on too few members of your team?

Our team was there too. Over time, we’ve built a set of practices that have helped our team and clients write complex but sane JavaScript apps without depending heavily on one or two people.

Using approaches Henrik Joreteg and &yet introduced in Human JavaScript, after just two days you and your dev team will walk away with a practical, more sensible path to building JS apps. And your code base will look like it was written by one solid JS dev.

Introducing JS for Teams, a clear and simple approach to building complex JS apps—but it’s a bit more interesting than that.

JS for Teams will be an unforgettable experience that brings to training the multisensory magic of our last conference, RealtimeConf. (If you missed out, RealtimeConf was an immersive experience tech conference—incorporating music, storytelling, and interactive theatre.)

Training of this kind is very attentive and hands-on, so seats are limited.

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