The Human JavaScript scholarship

In an effort to build a more inclusive community around the events we're a part of, we'd like to announce our very first (but certainly not last) Human JavaScript Training Scholarship.

We understand that very few people, both in tech and in the world, have access to the resources needed to level-up in their careers. This is especially true of marginalized groups, who are consistently underrepresented and often even pushed out of our industry without the opportunity to thrive here.

We also understand that there are serious barriers to entry in our industry that keep people who are marginalized by race and/or gender from entering and actively participating in our field.

With this in mind, we'll be covering one person's trip and tuition to participate in Human JavaScript: LIVE!, our two-day, intensive JavaScript workshop for JS developers who are looking to level-up in building clientside, single-page web apps. This workshop focuses on writing modular and maintainable code, while emphasizing the importance of code collaboration.

What's included?

We'll cover your round-trip flight to Washington state and your tuition to our Human JavaScript: LIVE! training workshop, August 26-27. All attendee transportation, meals, and hotel stays are 100% covered by the cost of tuition and will be handled by our event team here in Richland. As a part of the scholarship, you'll also receive access to all of our Human JavaScript training videos online (forever) and the Human JavaScript book (also forever). We also thought it'd be rad to send you some of our favorite &yet goodies, hand-crafted by our design team.

"Ok, so how do I apply?"

We want to hear your Developer Origin Story™. How'd you get started in tech? What do you wish you had known when you got started? We want to know what you love about being a developer and what, as a community, we can do to lower the barriers to entry marginalized groups often face.

You can submit your story privately to us here, or you can publish it as a blog post, webpage, or video and link us to it here.


  • You want to be a great JavaScript developer.
  • You are a person of color and/or you identify significantly as a woman.
  • You agree to honor our Code of Conduct, because people come first at our events.

All of &yet's events and workshops are trans-inclusive.

Human JavaScript: LIVE!'s venue is completely ADA accessible and we are happy to provide ASL resources for anyone who needs them. Please let us know what we can do to help make you feel at home.

Apply now for the Human JavaScript Scholarship

The Deadline to apply is next Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Need some help getting started with your origin story?

One of our favorite hashtags this year was #mynerdstory, started by Crystal Beasley to encourage women and other marginalized groups in tech to share how they got started in the tech industry.

Here's a few example origin stories from #mynerdstory:

In addition to applying for the scholarship to participate in Human JavaScript: LIVE!, when you apply you'll receive a $300 discount to attend the workshop, just to say thank you for being awesome.

We want to thank our community for continuing to inspire and guide us toward making our events more inclusive. We appreciate you all so much.

If you're looking to help us spread the word please use the hashtag #HJSLScholarship or tweet us → @andyet.

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