Welcome Peter Saint-Andre

It's an honor to introduce Peter Saint-Andre as a new member of our team and as the CTO of &yet.

Peter has a long history of leadership in Internet standards as an IETF Area Director, Executive Director of the XMPP Standards Foundation, and his involvement in standardizing technologies like WebSockets and OAuth. He's among a handful of people who've (with quite little fanfare) helped pave the Information Superhighway™.

His experience and involvement with Internet security, distributed systems, and collaboration is a boon to our team as well.

Peter's one of the original members of the Jabber, Inc. team who created the most widely distributed protocol for realtime communication (XMPP). He's given over a decade of deep consideration to the ways people use technology to collaborate and has a personal passion for making that better.

Peter has an incredible ability to digest complexity and produce clarity. He persistently works to build consensus among teams and effectively communicate deeply technical subjects.

As our CTO, Peter will help us use the knowledge and creations of our team to solve important, interesting problems for our customers and the open source community.

But we didn't merely recruit Peter because of his technical aptitude and accomplishments. Many of our team members have worked with Peter in the XMPP community and have experienced a level of patient, unselfish servant leadership that has long been an inspiration to our entire team. He is an outstanding listener, thoughtful, and endlessly positive.

As Bear, our most seasoned developer, puts it: "I want to be Peter when I grow up." And Bear isn't alone in that sentiment.

We believe Peter is the best possible choice to help lead our team of leaders and help us continue to forge a distributed team that is increasingly reflective of our values of what an organization should be.

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