C'mon get Hapi – building APIs with Hapi

Hapi is a web framework created by Walmart Labs that has many bells and whistles, including built in support for input validation and authentication, as well as a powerful plugin system.

In this online course, Introduction to Building APIs with Hapi, you will learn how to create a simple API, including query parameter and payload validation. We will also look at how to load and configure plugins.

Plan on spending some time on September 25, 2013 say, around 11am (PDT) with Nathan LaFreniere, our resident dev/ops badass, as he guides you through Hapi land and leads a Q&A to fill you in on any lingering questions.

LaFreniere is an endlessly talented developer with expertise in both building custom production systems and supporting complex realtime web apps. He's also created and contributed to a number of open source projects, many of which have become fundamental to our development process at &yet.

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