And Bang and Intercom security news

And Bang uses a service called Intercom for support communication and notifications. We were recently notified that Intercom was affected by a security breach of one of their database providers, MongoHQ. For the sake of transparency, we want to pass the information along to our users.

Intercom found that 1 out of the 30 databases on MongoHQ had been accessed and states:

"The data we store on MongoHQ is limited. The user records are not labeled with the customer name, product name, or domain name of the app with which they are associated. We don't store Intercom account information, passwords, billing information, or any Intercom messages or conversations, on MongoHQ."

More detail on the breach is provided by Intercom on their website.

We feel confident that Intercom handled the breach well and is taking appropriate action. The analysis of the breach provided by Intercom gives us confidence that And Bang user support data is in good hands.

At &yet we take security very seriously and we want to take this opportunity to remind you that we will never ask you for, nor want you to send to us your password, confidential information, or links to things that may include confidential information.

If you ever have a security concern about And Bang please email us at

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