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The Kickstarter for our video chat service Talky has come to a close. Unfortunately we didn't reach our goal, but realistically this was a truth we faced at the very beginning of this project.

What we didn't gain in funding we earned in observation and good ole fashioned market research. And we've learned a lot!

First, we have an amazing and supportive community who truly loves Talky and wants to see us succeed in our endeavors. Thank you so much if you shared our project, tweeted about it, sent it to folks, commented on it, reached out to us about it — you are the reason we put our hearts into our products the way we do. Thank you.

Another major takeaway is that we have an audience for some of Talky's services, but not all. This is a harder truth to face because of all of the work we've put into something we care about and believe in. This project made it clear what people want from Talky and what's maybe not as thrilling of a prospect. The good thing is, at least we know where to head with Talky now.

Armed with data, and another draft of our roadmap, we're setting out to chart a new course for the many things to come for Talky.

If you would like to support Talky in a financial way, we are adding a tip jar to our site. So if you enjoy your Talky experience and want to say thank you in that way, now you can.

Once again, from the whole Talky team and all of us at &yet, thanks for believing in what we do, and pledging your support for Talky. We <& you!

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