The future of Talky

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We want to make Talky into a fully open and people-friendly alternative for realtime communication on the web and on mobile devices.

But we don’t just want Talky to be an open alternative to existing video chat options. We want it to be the absolute best solution.

We’ve already added some of the key features you’ve requested to the beta version of Talky:

  • Meet with more than 15 people at a time
  • Text chat so you can share links and other information
  • Select exactly who you want to see on video
  • An even better user experience

We’re also working on some great new features, but they’re not quite ready yet:

  • The ability to share files in real time
  • Reserved rooms so you can have your very own place to hang out
  • Contact lists that will enable you to see when your friends and colleagues are online
  • Better handoffs between WiFi and mobile, for when you’re on the move
  • An updated version of our Talky iOS app

And there are some bigger efforts we’d love to take on:

  • Recording for things like company meetings and video blogging
  • Broadcasting so you can involve hundreds of people at a time
  • Apps for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux

We’re really excited about adding all these great features to Talky. With your help we’ll be able to do so faster than we could on our own.

In a later post we’ll explain a bit more about why we think Kickstarter is the perfect fundraising platform for a service like Talky. For more info about the upcoming campaign be sure to subscribe below.

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