Tomorrow we Kickstart(er) Talky

Talky Kickstarter begins in 24 hours

For those of you with eagle eyes, yes we said we were going to launch it earlier this month, but when it came time we discovered we needed to tweak things just a little bit more.

Now we're ready.

I’m excited to share with you that at 10am (PDT) tomorrow, May 27, the Kickstarter for Talky will go live and so will the opportunity to help push forward both the open web and WebRTC.

Why are we doing this? Well first, we believe in the importance of quality communication but you can read about the rest of the reasons we’ve written at length on here.

What types of rewards are you offering? Expect to see some brilliant swag designs from the very talented Amy Lynn Taylor, as well as dangerously discounted product (think Talky white label, etc.) and opportunites to get to collaborate with the whole Talky team, led by WebRTC expert Philipp “Fippo” Hancke, on your projects.

Mark your calendars! May 27 at 10am PDT Talky’s Kickstarter goes live!

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