Introducing our new WebRTC offerings: an easier way to get &yet on your team

Our general approach to consulting at &yet goes something like this: If we have a knack for something and we think it can help make you better at what you do, help your team eliminate risk, or move more confidently down the right path, we should do it. Starting today, we're offering 3 new WebRTC consulting packages.

In addition to building products and open source software, our team has offered consulting services as long as we've been a company. But now we've started focusing in on how to better package the skills and expertise our community (that's you!) needs.

After reaching out to and talking with teams actively working with WebRTC, we're hearing a lot of the same questions that need answering. Questions like:

  • What open source tools are out there and where should we go to get started with them?
  • How do we configure TURN/STUN servers so our WebRTC service can work consistently across firewalls?
  • What is the best way to go about implementing WebRTC on iOS?
  • How can we ensure we're providing a secure and private service? (Including HIPAA-compliance)
  • Is it possible to build and scale a WebRTC service on our own infrastructure?
  • How can we scale beyond a couple people in a group conversation?
  • How could we add chat or whiteboarding alongside our video solution?
  • How would we create a massive broadcast live video service?

Whether you're looking for advice from WebRTC experts who have been there, done that OR you want to team up with a well-rounded, resourceful consultancy to help drive a new chat or video feature or product forward, you'll find what you need with our team.

Here's our new WebRTC consulting packages, available starting today:

  • The Starter Discussion: We'll tackle the tip of iceberg with you. Our WebRTC experts will provide high-level feedback and recommendations to your team. Read more about the Starter Discussion here.

  • The Perfect Fit: If you're running up against a WebRTC wall, having likely met the same wall in our collective pasts, we can help your team navigate its way to safety and success. We'll deliver and document plans and recommendations for your team with the option of custom feature development and design. Read more about the Perfect Fit here.

  • The Monthly Retainer: A high-touch approach to keeping &yet on-board. We'll lead weekly standups, deliver thorough code reviews and spec documentation and planning, and train your team on deploying and maintaining your new project. Oh! And this package includes a full week of design consulting, too. Read more about the Monthly Retainer here.

If you're looking for a little less or a little more, we can create a package to fit your needs. Just get in touch.

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