It’s your last chance for Something Greater than Artifice

Last October, Mike Speegle introduced us to the world of the Tech Republic and the narrative behind RealtimeConf 2013 in his novel, “Something Greater than Artifice.” The book is now available in its entirety for free download at

Download your copy on Kindle, ePub, or PDF before Monday, May 5 when it will only be available for purchase on Amazon.

If you haven‘t explored the world of “Something Greater than Artifice” here’s what people are saying:

“[Something Greater than Artifice] examines in a new way the implications of our use of technology, while still remaining hopeful–something that is often forgotten in futuristic novels.”

“Allegory is a beautiful tool to help us understand reality and Mike has employed it masterfully.”

“I enjoyed immensely, and will definitely read again.”

Remember, free downloads end Monday, May 5!

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