Realtime Week scholarships for women

Inspired by a tweet from @seriouspony, we are offering a special discount scholarship ticket with the aim of increasing the number of amazing women part of the RealtimeConf community. (We already have some truly incredible women part of this community, but we'd sure love to see more.)

This ticket is just $399 for women who will commit to submitting a talk at next year's RealtimeConf.This includes admission to RealtimeConf and WebRTC Camp. (Don't miss checking out the RealtimeConf content.)

This is a savings of over $600 off the ticket price and there will be a limited number of these tickets available.

Given the significant role women have played on making our team better and that 8 of the 10 best conference talks I've heard in 2013 were delivered by women, this is an investment in the future quality of overall culture and presentations at RealtimeConf.

Please help us spread the word!

$399 Realtime Week scholarship ticket

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