Maximum viable products

Panic is on &yet's short list of Hero Companies.

We had the privilege of interviewing founders Cabel Sasser and Steven Frank shortly before Panic shipped their highly anticipated web development app, Coda 2.

Here's one segment in which Cabel is asked about building "minimum viable products".

Mel is editing a short film from the interviews that will be released—when? When she's finished. :) Follow @andyet on Twitter and we'll let you know when it's ready.

We all love doing quality work. Emboldened by Cabel's answer, we'll make no excuses for taking time. And, like Panic, there are no investors pounding on us.

On that note, we aimed to release a new major version of our team same-page-ification app, And Bang, within the first half of this year, but we've made so many discoveries in the past six months, we're committed to seeing through a significant revision rather than a mere iteration.

Our team feels that And Bang 1.0 s a useful tool we're proud of. We feel like the next version of And Bang is something special, from technology to philosophy.

We have many customers who've been eagerly awaiting our second release. Thank you so much for your patience and terrific feedback. We think you'll love the next version of And Bang.

To stay in the loop, follow @andbang on Twitter.


What is this? We're eager to show the human side of the technologies we love, so we're creating short films about people who inspire us. We interviewed Geoloqi's Amber Case a few months ago, as the first in this series

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