Long live blogs

Have you heard? Personal blogs are back in a big way.

The industry is seeing people and teams moving away from centralized platforms and back to publishing on personal sites and blogs. Brad Frost wrote about it, Andy Bell created personalsit.es, and Signal v Noise moved away from Medium, to name a few.

There’s been a resurgence of RSS which warms our little web hearts.

(We know a great many of you stayed with and maintained your personal blogs over the years and that warms our hearts too!)

We totally understand the value of platforms. I personally cut my teeth on blogging (and HTML/CSS) with Livejournal. We had the &yet blog cross-posting to Medium for a while, too. It definitely got more eyes on our writing. And for those that don’t want to mess with hosting or maintenance, a ready-to-go platform with built-in tools makes writing on the web possible.

The lack of control over the experience and unclear ownership of content can be major downsides, though.

We love small, personalized nooks on the web, so we’re stoked to see people moving to and encouraging personal blogs and RSS feeds. And we’re taking part. We’re leaving any posts on Medium that are there, but are now focusing and putting our energy into this little blog right here.

It’s newly running on Gatsby (more on that soon) and we have some design improvements and new posts in the works. Subscribe to our RSS feed or stay tuned here!

Many of our team mates are joining in too. Hey, maybe we should start a blogroll? Gosh, I love the web.

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