Talky & Otalk on VUC #541

&yet CTO Peter Saint-Andre will make a guest appearance tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific on episode 541 of the VoIP Users Conference, a weekly, live discussion about VoIP, SIP, Asterisk, WebRTC, and all things telephony.

Likely topics will include:

  • Our plans for Talky, including the upcoming Kickstarter campaign
  • Our experience with XMPP & WebRTC, the Jitsi Videobridge, and other parts of the Otalk platform
  • How to improve the developer experience for WebRTC
  • Where we are seeing the most activity in WebRTC applications
  • Is the age of the general-purpose communications app over?
  • Will we ever see federation with WebRTC - or just more silos?

Visit the VUC homepage on the Interwebs for all the details on how to join the conversation in realtime (video recording to follow).

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