Amp’ed Down?

Hi! Remember this post introducing amp?

Unsurprisingly, JDD from the lodash project took notice. All things said and done, he made sure that in the 3.0.0 release they addressed all the concerns I mentioned in that post, which is great!


  • Individually published, and semver versioned modules. This was the big one.
  • Shallower dependency trees.
  • Memorable names and not having to remember folder structure. All the functions are now available on npm as lodash.* where * is the function name. So, you can now just npm i lodash.bind for example.

So now what about amp?

All of the amp modules that are duplicates of lodash.* modules, will no longer be maintained and a note has been added to each one on the docs site with a link to the suggested lodash alternative.

They won't be removed or deprecated on npm so if you started using them because you never wanted to think about or update them, worry not, they're still around. Lots of people are happily using those so there's no reason to take those down.

The Ampersand.js project will convert to using lodash.* modules. And we will continue to use amp as a way to manage, test, and document utility modules that don't exist in lodash. This includes things like the DOM methods, etc.

This is really all about time management. We see this as a good thing, Open Source FTW!

Personally, I don't want to continue to spend my time or any of my teammates' time duplicating efforts now that the initial concerns were all addressed.

The lodash folks are doing an excellent job maintaining those utilities. Our hats are off to them.

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