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Web technology and security change so rapidly it can be exhausting to keep up.

We like to have lunch-and-learn type meetings at &yet to help keep each other in the loop on what we're learning. In the spirit of these timeless "brownbags," we've decided to create a series of short, introductory online classes.

These bite-sized online classes will be focused on giving you a quick introduction to a topic and the chance to ask questions.

The first class, Securing a Node.js Express App, will be taking place next week on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 11am Pacific Time with your guide Adam Baldwin, &yet CSO, ^Lift Security team lead and founder of The Node Security Project.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Security lessons learned from having deployed Express apps in production.
  • Overview of basic security headers and implementing them with helmet
  • Implementing Cross-Site Request Forgery protection
  • Session security considerations

Adam is a top security expert and has spoken on web security issues at numerous events, including DEFCON, JSConf, and NodeConf and has advised the likes of GitHub, 37signals, and AT&T on web application and API security.

Click here to sign up for Securing a Node.js Express App.

You can stay updated by following @andyet on Twitter for info on future classes.

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