I used to feel like I belonged on the Internet. I didn’t feel like I belonged much anyplace else, but here, I knew who I was, and I could make any possibility happen with the support and encouragement of the other weird folks who called the Internet home.

For better or worse, the web feels different now. And it’s not just that everybody’s here. It’s that we’ve allowed a few large entities to dictate how we gather together, and we have not questioned whether the decisions they’ve made for their survival and growth are ...

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June 2nd and 9th sold out; register for the June 16th adventure!

The Internet has created the world’s most unsafe and heartless communities in the same place we’re building our society’s future.

Our most sensitive people, our most marginalized people—the people we need to lead us into a more empathetic future—are being crushed into the ground.

Is this the future we want to create?

In the words of Tina Turner, we don’t need another hero. We need entire armies of leaders. We believe tiny leaders build on tiny leaders to create tiny powerful fearless ...

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Most APIs will eventually run up against the problem of paginating data. Sending entire data sets in one request is simply too expensive for both client and server. I am going to show you an easy way to paginate your data in hapi, in a way that is easy to use in your client code.


To add pagination to your API, the first step is to install the hapi-pagination module. It will automatically add page and limit parameters to the routes you want paginated, and is very customizable to suit your particular needs.

Here's the config I ended ...

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A rare re-post of our latest &you newsletter

America First?

This newsletter’s theme was supposed to be finding your place, inspired by Sarah’s move across the country. We likely would have shared something about the definition of “the good life” given by one of our heroes, Cheryl Broetje: living in the place you belong, with the people you love, doing the work that’s yours—on purpose.

But our team felt it would be extremely poor taste to talk about finding your place when our president has taken actions which fly in the face of our nation’s most foundational ...

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