a backbone


We've been finding ourselves building more and more JS heavy apps here at &yet. Until recently, we've pretty much invented a custom app architecture for each one.

Not surprisingly, we're finding ourselves solving similar problems repeatedly.

On the server side, we use django to give us an MVC structure to follow. But there's no obvious structure to your client-side code. There are some larger libraries that give you this, but usually have a ton of widgets etc. I'm talking about solutions like Sproutcore, YUI, or Google Closure and there are toolkits like GWT and ...

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Nate Vander Wilt is the diversely talented web and desktop developer who makes the sixth employee added to &yet over the last year. We got to know Nate primarily on Twitter, believe it or not.

Nate's a midwest transplant currently living on a semi-dusty gravel road in the bustling city of Outlook, WA.

Nate brings to the team his diverse talents in "cloud cartography" (geography and web mapping), multitouch interface, Mac, iPhone, and HTML5 web application development.

Before joining &yet, Nate ran Mac and iPhone software company Calf Trail and worked as a contractor, developing custom web mapping solutions ...

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office warming party

We've moved! Our old location was great, but since our staff size is multiplying like a family of rabbits, we had completely out grown it in less than a year. So we decided to trade in our crowed workspace for a custom designed upgrade down the street.

Our new space is at 140 Gage Boulevard in Richland. We've each got our own offices, conference room, kitchenette and a swanky brainstorming space. With a creative color scheme, custom art and leather sofas, it's a downright gorgeous workspace.

On April 8th we had an Open House party with our ...

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