an ampersand

As a web design and development company, it's incredibly hard to build things for yourself.

This site has been in process since early August, 2009, when we as a team sat down and discussed our vision for where we wanted to go.

We put together a general outline and a plan for how we wanted to approach things. Then Amy rolled up her sleeves and took a crack at a conceptual design based on an idea from one of her Red Room posters.

The plan has changed numerous times since then, as has the content and design. We've ...

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thank you

We’re humbled by the support of so many who have helped us grow from one to four (plus extended team) in just a year and a half.

We have some exciting things on their way soon, including an all-new realtime web product. We're thrilled to be able to launch the new site so we can get back to the business of business!

It's a privilege to be able to serve the great customers we've been able to work with so far and it's a joy to be a part of the great Tri-Cities area tech ...

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